the rivers

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the united states is scheduled to withdraw all its combat prada handbags troops from iraq by the end of this month. as another spell of heavy rains is predicted in the northern part of the country in the next 48 hours, the flood situation in north and northwest pakistan may worsen in the coming days. moreover, iraqi sides have been unable to form a government several months after the may 7 parliamentary elections, raising questions of stability and security after u.s. troops pull out. this is the latest figure reported by the local media regarding the death toll of the floods that have struck the country since the end-july.

at his camp lejeune speech on feb. 27, 2009, obama announced the drawdown of u.s. troops level in iraq to 50,000 by the end of august. odierno said the drawdown in iraq is not linked to the iraqi governmental formation process, but he thinks "we'll see some first steps towards forming a government by sept. meanwhile, as the water level in all the major rivers that run across pakistan from the north to the south has kept swelling, the flood water has posed a serious threat to the low-lying areas along these rivers, especially the southern punjab province and sindh province. over 1,600 people have been killed in the floods that have hit pakistan over the last couple of weeks, reported local media wholesale prada handbags express on sunday.