mood to you with my interpretation of ambiguous

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me and you, men and women, no one can not escape the love

in urban life, the men and women, inadvertently ambiguous up on.

we are all secular men and women, we suspect that love, fear of love, no love, but we can not stop, without exception, love, longing and expectation.

in this restless age, just below the calm of life, surging undercurrent.

as we dressed the exterior, all harbored a restless evil. notices over ceremony, gentle and well-behaved exterior hides the heart each and turbulent, always looking forward to unusual things happen, ready to break the status quo, always waiting for rebellion or derailment.

but we must also admit that ambitious yet timid as a mouse, although we have a thousand 10 thousand kinds of wonderful assumptions, but still honestly squatted in situ to rest.

we could not bear being careful to build those, we fear that the shackles of responsibility, emotional entanglement.

at a certain moment, you may appear in a moment in my life stop or stay, we flirt, we are emotional, but we never love each other.

we may one day, in a strange street rub shoulders, you do not know me, i do not know you, but we are attracted each other, and we deeply on the tv, or keep back, we use eye contact, but in the end disappearing in the sea. nothing more.

we may encounter a particular section of the journey, we meet by chance, but the brief encounter, so we talked freely, and we license to happiness, we were almost in front of each other perfectly, from each other, we even found a young recovery, however, we only companion. nothing more.

we may meet in an unknown bar, the bar touching the music, ambiguous light, we have never met before, and we were still closer inspection, then, you came to me and said that we can chat about it? so, we say something ambiguous, paradoxical, we tease each other, then their left. nothing more.

we may be known for years friends have married, but has a hint of lingering feeling in their hearts, and we call each other brothers, or as a beautiful woman, blue yan know already, we can talk about anything, we care for each other, we were feeling, however, we still do not reveal a relationship that, during his lifetime, so the mixing. nothing more.

we may meet in the virtual network across the screen, we were each other's language or attracted to something unique, we do not meet, do not speak, do not know each other's face, there is a feeling in each other silently flowing stretch, we find each other and they are connected as a consonance, we even find each other is our most rhyme tune the right person, but we do not down the network because, in real life, you're not prince, i am not a princess. nothing more.

we need to feel love and be loved, like the kind of mix of love and enjoy the warmth of the feeling that no third parties can understand each other in addition to the kind of bitter and a touch of melancholy, happiness and joy hidden.

we love love love love indulging in the kind, was removed in love, in love, enjoy, in love, longing, and even cry in the process of love, but love does not love clean up chicken feathers left over from one place.

only this, enough is enough.

love is how complex and trivial things, we understand that all the love, no matter how much is a fresh start, and sweet, to the last injury and will become heavy.

we are all much experience of men and women, therefore, have learned to love and stay aloof, learn from life to avoid the harm that could have, we have lost the love and selfless courage.

because we all know, love is to hurt our only weapon against unemployment.

only this, enough is enough.

ambiguous in ordinary life is the passion of the swap, in which the body, grasp the level of attainment enjoyed.

but the end can not eat spices.

love is like cigarettes and alcohol, feeling less able plaza, as many as pernicious to health.

therefore, we flirt, we have an ambiguous, but never love.

flirt, ambiguous, not love.

love is not love, never worse.