Are you ok?

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I haven't heard from you.

If you have, for a new environment? Whether have adapted without my love? Whether to have forgotten the past pain? Still troubles endured and face always smile?

Know you are very tired, very helpless, very helpless.

From the heart, pity you, love you. For your situation. Once love, comfort you, try hard to improve the situation.". But every time I see your eyes, is powerless, hear your heart sighs. I seem to understand, you give up! I know, you do not want to improve, not you don't go, not that you don't want to have a normal people are enjoying a life of dignity. You can also expect like plastic such as the knee, you also hope to each other, you desire to be cared for, be loved, respected by others. In the lives of others in the most unusual for the most common situation, you become elusive! Dear, my heart really good pain, pain to the bone. The pain of your life, your pain tolerance is excessive, more pain you wronged alone and nobody knows no vent bitterness! I can't imagine, for so many years is how you spend it? I believe you are magnanimous, tolerant, and the people, also has the limit, your heart full of grievances, full of melancholy, where there is a load of happiness and joy of void?

My dear, let me say there, don't you feel about themselves too harsh? So appoint wronged flexor stammer so sad, depressed over a lifetime? Is everything around you, than the happiness of his life is important? Did that really loved. Love your little woman, not you dazzling aura? We pledge our love our love our hand, we have those good, destined to disappear in smoke? We are also likely to become the most familiar stranger? I dread to think!

Dear, I hope you happy, happy, live your day. It is also my most sincere congratulations! After the road, at the foot of their own, select their own direction, and find its own way, on their own, to others, to life, the greatest respect!

Your better tomorrow!